National Burger Day and collect bonus reward points!

This Thursday is National Burger day, so it is time to celebrate quality British burgers throughout the UK. A burger cannot be just a ‘burger’ when it is hand made from prime cuts of meat and the finest seasonings!

I’m Lee Evans, senior butcher at G. N. Badley & Sons, and I’m here to help you celebrate National Burger day – with our handmade burgers this week.

Did you know every one of our homemade burgers are made in-store using only the finest cuts of meat and seasoning before being hand pressed into the perfect burger!

We hand make in-store all our Beef Steak, Beef Chilli, Pork & Apple, Minted Lamb and Chorizo burgers as well as specially selecting some of the finest exotic meat burgers from a trusted supplier.

All our burger packs for 4 burgers (excluding half pound beef steak and exotic meats as these are 2 burgers) for £3.90 then you can by 3 packs for £10 saving you £1.70 (57p per pack).

Between Tuesday 23rd and Saturday 27th for every pack of burgers you buy we will give you 10 extra Reward Card Points – if you haven’t heard our reward card is our new loyalty card when you collect points which gives you money off your shop (1 point = 1p). You can sign up in-store today!

Let’s celebrate a bit more, why up tag us in your Burger photos from us this week by tweeting’s us @gnbadley of on Facebook @telfordbutchers.

Happy Eating!

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