New BBQ boxes set to get taste buds sizzling

Can you feel it?
Can you sense it?
You might even be able to smell it?
The clocks have changed, the air is warming and BBQ season is almost upon us!

It really is our favourite time of the year, with a long summer stretched before us and plenty of people feeling better about life.

I’m Lee Evans, senior butcher here at G. N. Badley & Sons, and to celebrate this wonderful time of the year we’ve launched a new range of BBQ meat boxes - new and improved, they work out at £1 an item!

We’ve done them before, but never as big and as tasty as this. So get the shorts and flip flops out, the BBQ out of the shed and get your summer sizzling.

Our new meat boxes include:
- A 55 piece BBQ box for £55
8 qutr pound steak burgers, 8 steak grillsticks, 4 6oz pork steaks, 10 chicken drumsticks, 6 oyster thighs, 10 classic pork sausages, 4 6oz lamb steaks, 4 6oz beef sirloin steaks and 2 500g pork ribs

- A 25 piece BBQ box for £25
4 qutr pound steak burgers, 4 steak grillsticks, 4 chicken drumsticks, 4 classic pork sausages, 4 6oz beef rump steaks, 4 6oz pork steaks and 500g pork ribs

- A chicken pack for £11
10 drumsticks, 10 wings and 5 oyster thighs

- A burger pack for £15
8 beef steaks, 4 pork and apple burgers, 3 beef chilli steaks, 3 chorizo style burgers, 3 lamb and mint burgers

- A sausage pack for £10
15 classic pork sausages and 10 sausages of your choice

- A steak pack for £15
4oz steaks in beef rump, pork loin, lamb leg and chicken fillet

It’s worth making room in the freezer for.
You can get stocked up ready for the impromptu party when the sun is shining or buy in bulk for the family get together for that special occasion.

We’re also doing a whole host of other deals on BBQ food - because we’re just that excited about it! - including 2 packs for £5 and 3 packs for £10 on selected items.

And if you really want to impress your visitors and push the boat out, these deals include our exotic meat range so you can taste kangaroo, rose veal, ostrich, zebra, bison, crocodile and much more!

Come into our store in Gibbons Road, Trench, to check out the range or shop online here.

Love Meat, Love Quality, Love Local, shop at G. N. Badley & Sons family butchers in Gibbons Road, Trench, shop online and see what other people think on the Best Of Telford website

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